In addition to the wonderful and very comprehensive Bill Arnett database of amateur observatories, I found these amateur sites to be particularly illuminating as to design and technical solution or in some cases just plain cool. Bob Luffel gets my award for best track & roller system…so I copied it!

Also note these worthwhile organizations to which I belong: they promote the lost art of looking skyward to the universe, and are protecting our ability to do so.

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association
International Dark Sky Association

They are all well worth a look:

Antilhue Observatory
Daniel Verschatse's observatory in Chile. Split-level warm room / observing room, solar power, clean design - a real inspiration.

Bertold Hamburger Observatory
Grooved nylon wheels inset into 4x4, runs on stainless tubing welded to flatbar. Innovative, seems to work well, tough to fabricate?

Cave Creek Observatory
Good photos of truss details. I wasn’t wild about the foundation or roof carriage system, though.

Cloudbait Observatory
Very nice site with a few construction photos. Valuable details on remote operations, including several schematics.

Darklight Observatory
A LeSueuer Astro-Pier mounted high on a concrete pier, 900GTO, C-11. Fastar imaging.

Garden Spot Observatory
Roof rolls on V-casters & inverted angle. Split roof w/ warm room. Emailed him and got specs for the casters. Small pictures.

Jim Pennington Observatory
8' x 8' building for an 8" LX-200. Detailed narrative and decent pictures. Flat casters in "over & under" welded angle bar to prevent blowoff.

Rick Drozd Backyard Observatory
Fiberglass panel roof, flat wheels rolling on angle iron track. Good detail pictures.

Rod Cook Observatory
Roof rolls on pipe. Good truss and roller details.

Starstuff Observatory
Small, straightforward, flat casters rolling on angle iron track. Some good shots.

Tidewater Farm Observatory
RCOS 16” on AP 12000 mount on a LeSueuer Astro-Pier, V-groove casters, split observing room and warm room. Very nicely done.

Twin Oaks Observatory
Very detailed images of a very solidly constructed grooved caster-and-inverted rail system. "Gambrel" style roof trusses - plenty of headroom. Credits Chris Vedeler for rail design.

Vedeler Observatory
Great CAD drawings - sort of the definitive V-caster & inverted angle design. Added a garage-door opener to motorize the roof, post-construction.