The 2x10 transfer beam on the uprights will carry the 4x4 beams and track on which the roof will roll in the off position. The footings for the uprights were intended to be at the outboard edge of the building but mysteriously ended up inboard, lined up with the building footings. So the transfer beam was a field modification.


Each roller assembly is made from 4x4 structural tube. It carries four wheels and brackets (shown) to support 11 roof trusses, 2' OC.


Each 6" Albion caster is rated at 1000 lbs.. I used stainless shoulder bolts as axles.


Business side of the roller assembly. Each tube weighed about 250 lbs. or so with joist brackets and the wheels installed.


Going up with the east roller assembly. The horizontal beam has been erected to the outriggers and the inverted angle track secured to the wall and beam. We were pretty careful to check parallelism, although the roller assemblies allow about 3/4" lateral play each.


West side assembly going up.


Rick on the comealong.


Erecting and aligning the roof trusses took less than an hour - up and into the brackets, a few bangs with the hammer to center, and drilled and bolted in.


Rick bolting in the almost-last roof truss.


IT MOVES! When the moment of truth arrived, the roof rolled easily - a one-handed push - and tracked straight. No drama and no surprises. I estimate that the entire roof with galvalume sheathing and gable ends framed will weigh around 1800 lbs.