Double-checking the dimensions before sheathing and erecting.


South and west walls up.


Breaktime for the builders.


Three walls up around the observing room.


We erected the south, east and west walls around the observing room and warm room, then fabricated the roof trusses on the flat and then erected the midwall and north wall. The midwall ties things together and provides an important way to lock-in the critical width of the top plate.


Looking north before the midwall or north wall are in place. The warm room wall has been framed for a couple of small awning windows.


The west wall of the warm room has been framed for a couple of large casement windows that will look over the Hudson Valley to the Catskill Mountains. The six-foot level and a water level were critical - could have used them a little more often!


The chop saw was another invaluable timesaver. The midwall is up and windows cut, but no north wall.


Rick in the observing room right after I cut the window opening in the midwall. I'll be able to keep an eye on the scope from the laptop in the warm room.


Window openings have been cut for the casements in the west wall of the observing room.