This is the site before construction - a sloping knob of Taconic Mountain ledge. Looking south, and the N-S line is visible.


Looking north.


Also north. To the west, the ledge drops 50-70 feet.


Sonotube footings for the building have been placed by excavating the till 6" to 2' to ledge.


Six footings support the main beams for the building, and two support the outriggers that carry the roof in the open position. Looking south.


Looking north, in the direction to which the roof will roll off.


Formwork is up for the telescope pier - a 3' x 3' footing supporting an 18" square pier. In hindsight I would have made the footing bigger. We sunk 6-8 lengths of 1/2" rebar into the ledge.


Rebar drilled into ledge for the building footings. The contractor relied on the concrete poured into the tube to secure the rebar into the ledge. Bad idea: they should have been grouted or (better) expoxied in place.


Immediately after the pour. The contractor hand-mixed about 85 bags of concrete mix in all. The mounting bolts and template for the LeSueuer Astro-Pier have been placed into into the wet concrete.


We sunk pairs of 1/2" stainless threaded rod into all the building footings to secure brackets that hold down the main beams.


Simpson Strong-Tie brackets designed to support a 4"x4" post were used for the outrigger footings.


Formwork is off and the footing has been backfilled.


The mounting bolts for the pier are at what will be the floor level of the observing room.


If I'd done it myself, I would have kept better dimensional tolerance. We had to "spring" the main beams by an inch or so because of inaccurate N/S alignment of the footings and anchor bolts. Functionally not a problem, just annoying.


Looking south along the N/S line after completion of the footings and pier.


Without the trusty John Deere tractor, moving supplies from road and house (350' away) would have been a lot harder.